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Ways To Make An Extra Buck

Money runs out fast when living paycheck to paycheck. It’d be nice to have a little more, but there are only so many extra shifts one person can manage. Before scanning the job boards for a second job, consider less grueling ways to earn money. There are myriad ways to earn an extra few bucks1 between paychecks.

Let your car earn dollars for you

As reported by Daily Worth, car sharing is a bold new market that turns the everyday citizen into an independent moving company, rental car company, or taxi service. The everyday citizen to earn cash loaning their car out as a rental, a taxi, or even as a moving van. All you need is a dependable vehicle.

Bankrate recommends using FlightCar when you leave town for the holidays and have cash waiting for you upon return. The company offers free parking at major airports in exchange for use of your car. While you’re away, those flying in can rent your car and have it back to the airport in time for your return home. FlightCar offers a competitive rate2 on mileage and usage, and even throws in a free wash so your vehicle is returned to you in perfect condition.

If running errands takes you all around town, why not take someone along for the ride? Earn extra wages by joining Uber or Lyft and turn your vehicle into a taxicab. Take on passengers while commuting during the week or during weekend errands and make money while you go about your day. Drivers can screen passengers using Lyft or Uber’s review tools to ensure personal safety. It’s possible to rate passengers as well, to help fellow indie cab drivers make safe decisions when taking on a fare.

Companies like Turo and Task Rabbit are in the peer-to-peer car sharing business as well. Be your own moving company and join Task Rabbit. The app connects you to folks in your city who need mobility and lots of trunk space for their move. Turo adds your vehicle to the car pool and allows anyone without wheels in your city to use your car for their travel needs.

Freelance work is profitable 

A fun way to earn money is to turn your hobby into a small business. Forbes advised that if you knit, make jewelry or do any sort of crafting, sell it online.3 If you knit or crochet, open an Etsy store and sell your wares. People who like to make model cars or build computers can sell their finished products on eBay. Instead of selling collectibles or near mint condition household items at a garage sale, auction them on eBay to reach a wider audience and perhaps command a higher price.

Becoming a mystery shopper is a simple way to take a lifetime of experience and put it to good use. Be the person who walks through a grocery store and checks on the quality of the displays, or tests the customer service department to make sure they’re as helpful as advertised. According to Bankrate, it’s best to sign up1 through a company that’s a member of the Mystery Shopping Providers Association. Great shoppers who have an analytical eye are known to turn this kind of work into a true profession, earning up to $20,000 annually.

Focus groups are another freelance opportunity for anyone with a discerning eye. Bankrate equated this industry with the mystery shopping industry, in that a central organization, the Marketing Research Association, can be used as a tool to find certified research companies in your area. Companies tend to restrict the number of groups you can attend at a time. This means it likely won’t become a steady source of income, but with a payout between $75 to $2001 a group session it’s still a great way to earn.

Sell your cells 

Selling yourself isn’t just a great way to network, it’s also a great way to make extra money. Money Talk News suggested looking to donating blood or selling your hair. While volunteer blood drives are typically linked to hospitals, giving blood for money is usually an operation sponsored by pharmaceutical or cosmetic companies. According to Bankrate, Donors typically earn up $504 per visit but are usually limited to donating twice per week. Find local donation centers using DonatingPlasma.org.

Selling your hair is also an option. As reported by Bankrate, Hairwork.com valued a well-conditioned and combed hair at up to $1,500.4 Buyers look for hair that’s never been dyed and is at least 15 inches long. Typically buyers don’t expect hair longer than 35 inches. Redheads get the best price. You can look for official buyers like HairSellon or post an ad on Craigslist to earn some funds for your follicles.

There are many ways to turn your every day into earning days.

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