Payday Loan Scams

As long as there’s been money exchanging hands, there’s been unscrupulous characters trying to scam people willing to make honest and trusted transactions. With the internet and ability to conveniently receive funds online, payday loans have seen a few scammers try to break into the trusted transaction. The good news is that payday loan scams are few and far between. Better news is that they’re easily recognized. Cash Central goes to great lengths to protect your personal information and provide you with a safe and secure transaction. With that goal in mind, here are a few payday loan scams to be aware of:

Payday Loan Lender Matching Services

While there are many lender matching services online (also called lead providers) who operate with your security and a safe, legal transaction in mind, there are also those who use payday loan inquiries to sell your information to subscription services, other product lines and illegal lenders who may not even be allowed to offer payday loans in your state.

So how do you spot these shady players? First, be “content aware.” In other words, read the site's information and details to see what’s being offered before you submit your information, even email. When it comes to your finances, it’s always smart to have confidence in who you’re speaking and dealing with.

In addition, here are a few things that might tip you off as to the intentions of a site that isn’t only about helping you attain a loan:

Using these tips and being “content aware” can allow you to make an educated choice as to your loan and who you do business with.

Fake Collections Payday Loan Scams

While nobody likes fielding a call from a debt collector, receiving a call from a fake one is even worse. In an emerging trend, scammers are posing as payday loan debt collectors and frightening individuals into paying “debts” they never owed. Have confidence in who you’re speaking and dealing with. Here’s some great advice on how to ensure you don’t get caught by shady characters trying to take advantage of your trust, all while putting those scammers back on their heels:

Cash Central never shares your information with anyone but trusted, verified companies with integrity,and only with your permission. Serving the needs of short-term loan customers since 2006, a loan applied for and obtained at Cash Central ensures your loan will always be a safe and simple transaction free from payday loan scams.