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June 2016

How to Throw an Affordable Fourth of July Party

Having a great party is 100 percent possible to do on a budget, and it doesn’t take too much effort.

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What to do with that extra $20

Here are ways to invest small amounts of money to pay off credit cards and manage emergency financial needs.

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Can my credit score impact my rental application?

You might think credit scores only play a role in whether you can be approved for an installment loan or a home mortgage loan, but you may not realize that landlords often consider your score when it comes to filling out a rental application.

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When an adjustable rate mortgage is OK

If you’re looking into buying a home, you may be amazed and somewhat confused at the dizzying array of mortgage options available.

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How to live sustainably as a freelancer

Thanks to new technology, as many as 53 million Americans, or 34 percent of the entire population, are working as freelance employees.

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