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Spring Activities on a Budget

Though the groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil, saw his shadow on February 2nd predicting six more weeks of winter, reports show he has only been correct1about 40% of the time over the last 10 years. As March 20th will mark the first official day of spring, winter will soon be loosening its grip and warmer weather will be here before we know it. Days will grow longer, flowers and trees will begin to bloom, and many will be looking forward to the activities that come along with warmer weather. If you’re looking for some springtime fun, here are some activities you might enjoy that will be good on a budget too.

Get Outside

After being cooped up in the house for months due to the cold, one of the best things about spring is the warmer weather. As such, a great way to enjoy the new season is by simply getting outside. There are many ways to enjoy the blooming flowers and fresh air, many of which are free. Not only is March the beginning of spring, but it’s also considered the month of luck with St. Patrick’s Day falling on March 17th. To find some luck of your own you could go out in the backyard or to your local park and search for four-leaf clovers with your family. To become one with nature and get a little exercise you could also go for a hike. If you need some ideas on where to go, Insider lists the most loved park in each state2 based on ratings from Foursquare. No matter what you choose to do, get outside, get some sunshine, and enjoy the fresh springtime air.

Attend a Festival

As things warm up it’s inevitable that festivals and fairs will be popping up in towns across the United States. One of the great things about these events is there are countless themes, which should make it easy to find one that interests you. You can find food truck festivals, state fairs, heritage and folk festivals, international festivals, and more. While there may be a small fee to enter, and some activities may have a cost, a lot of festivals and fairs offer free shows and live music. If you happen to have some extra funds left over in your budget, you could splurge a little on some fair food and get any number of deep-fried foods you’re bound to find. If you do plan to attend a festival, fair, or any other event, be sure to follow any local or CDC guidelines regarding COVID-10 and stay safe!

Spring Cleaning

Once winter has come to an end, many people feel the air in their house has become stale and stuffy, and after being stuck inside they may also feel their house has become too cluttered. This may be a big reason why a lot of people take part in the tradition of spring cleaning. With the warm weather you can open your windows and replace the stale winter air with fresh spring air. At the same time, you can also take the opportunity to deep clean and declutter to rid your home of the things you no longer want, need, or use. While cleaning is not always someone’s idea of fun, it can be refreshing and might even give you the opportunity to walk down memory lane as you go through your things. For some tips to make spring cleaning a little easier, and ways you can make money in the process, check out the Cash Central blog post on Tips for Easy Spring Cleaning.


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