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Have a Spooktacular Halloween On A Budget

Halloween is almost upon us. If you plan on reveling in this spooky holiday, be sure to treat your wallet to an affordable budget. Get your kids looking ghostly and throw a frightening bash without scaring your bank account. Here are some ideas to keep your Halloween manageable.

Remember, be sure to follow local health department rules and CDC guidelines1 to stay safe this holiday!

DIY costumes.

Halloween costumes can be ridiculously expensive2 for something that is likely going to get dirty and might never be worn again. Whether it’s for you or the kids, creating costumes at home will be a big relief for your wallet. Check out Pinterest or Google for easy and creative ideas.

Create your own decorations, too.

Are you feeling crafty? Get your house ready for Halloween and a party by creating playful decorations. Find things around the house you can repurpose into spooky centerpieces or wall art.

Search thrift and dollar stores for decorations.

If you’re not the crafty type, browse local thrift shops3 and dollar stores for affordable decorations and party necessities. These are good places to look if you aren’t sure you’ll use these items again.

Buy candy and party food in bulk.

Do you live in a busy neighborhood and expect a lot of kiddos on Halloween? Visit your local wholesale store and buy your treats in bulk. You can also buy refreshments in bulk if you’re planning on throwing a party.

Skip the add-ons.

Let’s say your child’s Halloween costume is complete, but they see something extra they want to go along with it. Instead of adding it to your cart, skip buying what you don’t need and explain it to them. It could serve as a valuable lesson on spending money responsibly for your children. When it comes to your party, don’t overdo it on decorations and food. Try to just get what you need.

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