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Four Ways Spring Cleaning Can Help Your Finances

Now that it is officially springtime, there are several changes and new things to do that come with the season. Now that the weather is warmer, you can spend more time outside and daylight lasts longer. Springtime also means something else for many people: spring cleaning. Whether you love it or hate it, spring cleaning can have some benefits for your finances, too. Read on to find out how.

Make sure your home is running efficiently

No one likes to waste money, so use your spring cleaning time to make sure your home isn’t causing you to do just that. If your home isn’t running efficiently,1 money may accidentally be slipping through the cracks. Make the most of your money and your home by checking to see if things are in order. Clean or replace the furnace filter again and check your air conditioner for maintenance needs. As you’re cleaning the windows, make sure they are sealed properly so hot or cold air isn’t getting in or out.

Take inventory of what you have

While going through your home, you might discover you have more things than you realized and you can take stock of what you may or may not need. Sometimes we buy things without realizing we already have them. Set goals to prevent excessive spending and get rid of things you don’t need. For example, go through your pantry and see what you have before going to the grocery store. This can prevent you from spending money on things you don’t need.

Have a garage sale or sell to a consignment store

As you are cleaning your home, keep an eye out for items you don’t use often and could get rid of. Once you have gone through everything, create a designated area for items you no longer want or need. If the weather permits, hold a garage sale.2 You could keep it open all weekend, or just run it for a day. If a garage sale isn’t for you, try selling unwanted items to a consignment store. Not only is your home cleaner, but you could also make some extra money.

Revisit and refresh your budget

Your spring cleaning doesn’t have to limit itself to just your home. Take this time of the year to go through your budget and give it a refresh. Are there some areas where you are spending more than you should? Are you leaving enough for necessities or spending too much on entertainment? Sit down and regroup, then create a plan to get back on track with your budget. There are plenty of budgeting apps if you need some extra help.

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