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When Is The Right Time To Make A Big Purchase?

Big purchases, such as a home or a car, are a part of life. Even though they are often necessary, these purchases can put a strain on our finances. However, there are instances when you can get a good deal on big items. While there are certain times of the year and other factors that make the timing for a big purchase more appealing, it really comes down to personal timing and what’s right for you. Here are some tips to get you started.

A car

It’s a big decision to buy a car, and it’s an important decision since it is something you will have for a while. However, it’s no secret that buying a car isn’t a cheap task. Luckily, there are times of the year where you could get a deal on a new car. According to Kelley Blue Book®,1 car dealers usually offer discounts and deals at the end of the year, on holidays, and at the end of the month. Many sales people at dealerships try to hit a goal each month, so you might be able to negotiate a deal, or similarly at the end of the year before focus is turned on new models.

A house

An even bigger buying decision is purchasing a home. It’s a big investment, and you’ll want to choose wisely. A good place to start when evaluating whether to buy a home is to look at the housing market and check the demand.2 Certain times of the year, such as fall and winter,3 have less demand. When the demand for homes is low, you could possibly get a better deal. You will of course want to keep an eye on interest rates, too. If you plan on borrowing to help purchase your new home, you’ll want to act when rates are low and it is easier to pay.


Is it time for a new refrigerator or washing machine? Appliances can come with a big price tag but luckily, there are chances to find a discount. According to Nerd Wallet,4 a good time to search for a new appliance is after a new model comes out. This way, you can often get a discounted price for the previous model, which is likely similar to the new version. And like car dealers, appliance retailers often have big sales for holidays such as the Fourth of July, Memorial Day and Black Friday, as well as during the holiday season. If a holiday is coming up, look for ads or TV commercials to see if any sales are going on. If you’re thinking ahead, you can get appliances in the off seasons,5 such as a grill in the winter.


The technology world moves fast. It seems like there is always something new, and it’s hard to keep up. It might be time for a new TV or smartphone, but a good time to save on the price for electronics is during November and December when retailers are trying to meet their fourth quarter6 goals. Of course, Black Friday and Cyber Monday happen during this period too. The back-to-school season is a good time to look for computers.7

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