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How To Protect Yourself From Fraud

You might think that identity theft or fraud won’t happen to you, but it is important to be aware of fraud schemes while online. It’s also important to be vigilant in protecting your personal information and to be sure of the people and companies you’re dealing with. With all of the recent security breaches, fraud has affected many industries and individuals. Imposters are everywhere. Sometimes they even pretend to be Cash Central. Here are some things to look out for.

Your Social Security number

Use caution when it comes to your Social Security number and the internet. Please do not send your Social Security number to us through email or the Report an Issue page. You should also be cautious about sending your bank account number, routing number and other sensitive personal information electronically. Only share sensitive information via secure forms.

Suspicious emails

We won’t send you threatening emails demanding payment ‘or else.’ Many phishing scams1 play out this way and include a fraudulent link that will ask for your personal information, then they steal it. Emails like these often have a logo that is similar to a legitimate company’s, use a similar mailing address and use language similar to the company’s, but often have typos and evidence of alterations or inconsistencies. Any legitimate emails that come from us will end in ‘@cashcentral.com’ or ‘@ccfi.com.’ If you get a suspicious looking email claiming to be from Cash Central, call us at 855-920-9800. Be alert for suspect phone calls, too.


If you don’t have a loan with us, we won’t charge you for one. We also won’t ask you to make payments through third party websites, apps, iTunes or to suspicious accounts. If you have a loan with us, be sure to know the specifics of your loan and account in case a scammer does call you demanding repayment. If you get a suspicious phone call regarding payment, hang up and give us a call.

More information

Cash Central (or our parent company CCFI) will never offer a loan by asking for a good faith or prepayment. Meaning, you will never be asked to pay an upfront fee to be qualified for our loans. All legitimate collection and sales calls are made here in the United States. Try to verify the caller’s location if you are suspicious. If you feel you may be a victim of a scam, call us at 855-920-9800.

The views expressed by the articles and sites linked in this post do not necessarily reflect the opinions and policies of Cash Central or Community Choice Financial® .


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