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Enjoy Holiday Fun with These Budget-Friendly Activities

While the holidays are often full of fun and joy, this time of year can also put a strain on your wallet.1 Between the gift buying and traveling to see loved ones, the expenses really add up. But, you don’t have to worry about missing out on any holiday cheer. You can enjoy the lively spirit of the holidays with these free and affordable activities.

Take a tour of your neighborhood’s light displays

Bright light displays really set the mood for the holiday season. Pick a nice night to walk around your neighborhood to view all of the twinkling lights. You can even take a drive around town, too. Listen to some carols as you go to keep up the spirit. After your tour, each family member can vote on which display was their favorite.

Have a holiday movie marathon at home

Host a holiday movie marathon for family or friends on a chilly night for a dash of cheer. Yes, this even includes the cheesy Hallmark® movies. Have everyone contribute a festive snack for a variety of tasty options. Grab a couple of comfortable blankets and you’ll be ready for a night of cozy, merry fun.

Create your own decorations

Get your home in the jolly spirit by crafting your own decorations.2 Get the kids involved by creating easy, classic, decorations such as paper snowflakes or jazzing up some pine cones. Taking the DIY approach could save you a bunch of money compared to going to big brand name stores.

Have a holiday cookie baking competition

Have a full heart and a full belly by throwing a holiday cookie bakeoff. There are several types of cookies special to the holiday season, and an excuse for some yummy sweets is a great treat. Look through your local newspaper for recipes or you can search around online. Enjoy some special family bonding and share some of your creations with other loved ones. But be sure to save some for yourself, too.


The holidays often serve as a time of year where we look back and reflect on all the things we’ve done and the things we’re thankful for. In the season of giving, try to find some time for you and your family to volunteer.3 It provides a chance to give back to your community and serves as a valuable lesson for the kids.

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