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Fun & Frugal: Date Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank

Sometimes date nights can be expensive.1 When you add them on top of your regular bills and expenses, your budget could get tight. However, dates don’t always have to be pricey. You can still have fun dates without putting a strain on your wallet. Read on for affordable ideas.

Test your cooking skills

Going out to restaurants can be costly.2 Having dinner at home doesn’t necessarily mean you have to sacrifice having a good meal. The internet is full of delicious recipes you can make easily and on a budget. You and your partner can make a wonderful restaurant-worthy meal for far less than what you would pay for a dinner out. Divide tasks and cook something you haven’t tried before. Who knows, you may find your new favorite meal!

Relax with a movie night

It’s a classic for a reason. If you’re both looking for a relaxing night in, why not have a movie night? Create a cozy spot on the couch with blankets and pillows. Settle in with some popcorn or your other favorite movie snacks, then start streaming or pop in a movie. If watching TV shows is more appealing, have a night of binge watching a new find.

Go to a local festival or event

Many cities host several different kinds of festivals throughout the year and many are free or only a few dollars to attend. Look around online for calendars of events to see what interests the two of you. There might also be concerts in local parks, art gallery shows or walking tours available for free or a small fee. Along with saving money and having fun, you could also enjoy new experiences together.

Spend the day at the park

Need some fresh air? Take your date to the great outdoors. Head to your favorite park3 and plan a day of outdoor activities. Pack a picnic basket full of both of your favorite foods and bring a blanket. You could also go on a walk around the park, ride bikes, fly a kite or just sit back on the blanket and relax.

Have a double date

Step out of the regular date routine and turn it into a double date. A double date could also reduce costs even more. Whether it’s mini golf or a game night, you can all enjoy an affordable date night by splitting up the costs of snacks or entertainment.

Visit a museum

Are you interested in learning something new? Stroll through an art museum or explore the local science center. Some museums and centers even offer free admission. If it isn’t free, there still might be affordable options. Check the museum’s website to see if they offer any days of the week with free or discounted admission.

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