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Fall Activities on a Budget

September is here which means summer will soon be coming to an end as fall begins on the 22nd.  A new season can often feel like new beginnings as we look forward to an entire host of new things the season brings. For fall, we should expect to see cooler days, changing leaves, and everything flavored with pumpkin spice. There are also many activities that are associated with a new season, but for those on a budget it may be difficult to find things to do. Read on for some fun fall activities that will fit within a budget.

Go on a Hike

Hiking is often an activity associated with summertime when the days are warm and the trees green, however fall is the perfect time for this too. Summer days can be very hot, sometimes unbearably so, and one of the reasons many love the fall is because the weather tends to be right in the middle between hot and cold. This means it will still be warm enough to enjoy the outdoors, but cool enough that you likely won’t get overheated, making it great weather for a hike. Even more so, the changing leaves on the trees should make for a beautiful view and could make the same trails you’ve hiked before look completely different.

Get Crafty

We’ve all likely seen the pictures of porches and houses decorated to perfection for the fall season. If you’re interested in doing this too, you could easily find many of these decorations at your nearest Hobby Lobby, but they might come with a hefty price tag. Instead, consider getting a little crafty and make some decorations yourself. You’ll likely be able to do so for a fraction of the cost and can include your family to make it fun for everyone. If you need ideas to get you started a quick search on Pinterest for “fall DIY crafts” should yield hundreds of results.

Have a Bonfire

While fall time brings cooler days it’s almost certain to bring even cooler nights. These chilly evenings can create the perfect environment for a cozy bonfire. Put your summer camping chairs to further use and pull them up to enjoy the warmth of a crackling fire. The best part about a bonfire, though? The snacks! You can roast hot dogs over the fire, or even get the fixings for some smores.  If you do decide to have a bonfire, be sure to follow any state or local laws and regulations and contact your local fire department for any questions.

Football Games

Fall isn’t the only season beginning in September, it’s time for football season too! For those who enjoy the sport there’s a lot more fun to be had than in just watching the game. Here are a couple ways you can kick it up a notch:

Super Bowl Squares: This is a game that’s usually done for the Super Bowl1 but can be played during any game. First, on a piece of paper create a grid (usually 10 by 10), and number each column and corresponding row. Then assign one team to the columns and the other to the rows. Players then claim the boxes within the grid until all have been taken. Winners are chosen at the end of each quarter of the football game. Take the last number in each teams’ score and match those numbers on the grid to see which square intersects those two numbers. Whoever chose that box wins the round.

Football Survivor: This game isn’t quite as random as the Super Bowl Squares but is still a game of chance. When playing Football Survivor,2 each week you predict which team you think is going to win the game. If your guess was correct you advance to the next week, but if it wasn’t you lose and must drop out of the game. The person who makes it the furthest in the season is the winner of the game.


Another great thing about fall? All the yummy food! So many flavors are associated with fall, including apple, cinnamon, and the ever-loved pumpkin spice. Give your tastebuds a share in the fall fun by baking up some of your favorite flavors. Whatever flavors you prefer there are bound to be countless recipes for you to try,3 whether it’s something you’ve had before or something completely new. Just give a quick internet search and you’re sure to find something you’ll enjoy.


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