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Affordable Mother’s Day Ideas

May 8th is Mother’s Day and people all over the United States will be celebrating the women in their lives, whether that’s their mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, or someone else. When showing appreciation for those you love and care about it can be easy to want to go big, but sometimes our budgets prevent us from being able to do so. Here are some budget friendly ways you can celebrate Mother’s Day and help make the women in your life feel loved.


In May we usually find the cold weather is officially behind us, and we have many warm and sunny days ahead of us. Because of this, May is usually when a lot of people begin tending to their gardens. All through the neighborhood you’re likely to see people out pulling weeds, mulching, and planting new flowers for the upcoming season. This can be a lot of work, and so a great way to celebrate Mother’s Day and show your appreciation is to help get the garden together. You’d not only be able to help and show your love, but you would get to enjoy some fresh air and sunshine too. If you don’t quite have a green thumb, check out some tips for starting a garden1 to help you get started.


Hear us out on this one. We know cleaning is not usually the most enjoyable thing to do and is probably not the way you would prefer to spend your time. But Mother’s Day is about showing our appreciation for someone we care about and doing something nice for them. Having a nice clean home can feel so good and relaxing2, and your loved one is almost sure to appreciate it. This will be easy on your wallet too as you most likely have the items you would need to make the house squeaky clean. So, pick up a mop, a broom, and a dust rag and lend the person you love a helping hand.

Coupon Book

As cheesy as this one may sound, another great option for a Mother’s Day gift is to create a coupon book. For this DIY coupon book, start by cutting some paper into strips – you could even use construction paper to give it some extra flair. Then think about some activities your loved one enjoys that the two of you could do together, or things you could do for them that would be helpful. Once you’ve got some good ideas rolling write one down on each strip of paper to create your own coupon book. Your loved one can then “cash in” these coupons whenever they’d like in exchange for whichever activity or service is written on them. Creating a coupon book is not only good when working on a budget, but it will allow you to show your appreciation for your loved one all year long.

Movie Night

A lot of the time the only thing you need to do to show someone how much you care about them is to simply spend time with them. Having a movie night with your loved one is a great way to do just that. Hosting a movie night would be great for a budget since most of us already have some sort of streaming service such as Netflix or Hulu. If you don’t there’s no need to worry though, as you can often rent a movie online for just a few dollars. Whether you decide to watch some of your all-time favorites, or find a move you’ve never seen before, an at home movie night is a great way to spend some time with the people you care about.


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