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Affordable Activities to do With Your Kids

With summer upon us we can look forward to warm days, sunny skies, and, for many kids across the U.S., summer break. With school being out, many parents will be looking for things to do with their kids to have some fun during the break. If you’re a parent working on a budget though, we’ve got your back. Here’s some ways you can find fun and affordable activities to do with your kids this summer.


A library card usually offers more than just the ability to check out books1 to take home, though this is a great benefit in and of itself. Additionally, you may also find summer programs, clubs, movie and audiobook rental, classes and more available at your local library. These are usually offered as a free benefit to members of the library, giving you many budget-friendly activities to do with your kids. Available activities and services vary by location, so be sure to check your local library to see what’s available to you.

SNAP & Medicaid

With SNAP or Medicaid benefits you may have access to additional benefits you’re not using. Oftentimes, when receiving these benefits you have access to discounted public transportation, which could include bus transit, or renting public bikes or scooters. In addition, you may also have access to free or discounted tickets to local events, museums, zoos, aquariums, and more. FoodStampNow has a list of EBT card discounts available in each state, but there may be discounts available not included in this list so be sure to check directly with any place you’re considering visiting.

Bank of America

If you have an account with Bank of America, you can get free admission to museums all over the United States. Bank of America has a program called Museums on Us, which is available to all Bank of America, Merrill, or Bank of America Private Bank credit or debit card holders. Museums on Us provides free admission the first full weekend of every month at participating locations. Free admission only applies to the account holder, saving you some money on admission costs, but all other tickets would have to be purchased. To find participating locations, visit the Bank of America website.


From local playgrounds to major state parks, you’re bound to find something fun to do when visiting a park. Depending on the park, you can find hiking trails of all difficulty levels, caves to explore, tons of wildlife and plant life, swimming areas, and more. You could borrow a nature book from your local library and go on a hunt for different plants and flowers. Or many state parks offer events you can sign up for which have a guide a provide all materials needed for the event. Some parks may charge a small entry fee, usually in the form of a parking fee, but some parks are completely free. Visit stateparks.com to see a full list of state parks as well as information on each.


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