What Is An Installment Loan?

Sometimes a small dollar payday loan just isn’t enough to provide financial coverage for longer amounts of time or doesn’t offer a payment schedule that’s flexible enough for your needs. That’s where installment loans come in handy.

Considered a “medium-term” loan, Cash Central’s Installment Loans are characterized by a series of monthly, semi-monthly or biweekly payments typically over a period of 18 or 24 months and generally offer lower rates than a payday loan. Think in terms of a mortgage or a car loan but on a smaller scale: You receive a dollar amount and then make payments on a regular basis to pay the loan back over time. Depending on your state, an installment loan could range from six to twenty-four months.

Installment Loan Costs/Fees

As with most personal loans, installment loan fees and amounts will vary by state. Interested in what those fees and loan amounts might be? Our number one priority is full disclosure and you can take a Cash Central “test drive” and compare rates and terms in your state with our simple Installment Loan calculator.

As an example, a typical APR for a 24 month Installment Loan of $2,501.00 is 185.00% with a monthly payment amount of $400.39. Specific terms will vary by state, amount borrowed and length of loan.

Installment Loans in Your State

Built on trust and accountability, Cash Central has deliberately chosen to only operate in states where laws support the transaction. As such, our Installment Loan is available in the following states:

Repaying Your Installment Loan

Since an Installment Loan is paid off over time, you have a few options, including whether you’d like to make your payments monthly, semi-monthly or every other week (biweekly). You may also pay off your loan in full at any time without any kind of prepayment penalty.

An Installment Loan With Cash Central

As with so many online lending options, you have a choice and that choice boils down to what’s best for you and your needs. At Cash Central, we’re a trusted lender that provides compelling value to our customers in many ways which we believe sets us apart from the competition:

An Installment Loan from Cash Central is one you can trust, where your information is maintained securely and where your options are kept simple and friendly.

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