Title Loans

When looking at options for a consumer loan, a title loan can be a great choice if you’re in need of fast, short-term emergency funding in loan amounts larger than what may be available in a payday loan.

What is a Title Loan?

While most title loans are short-term (in some cases they may be longer) and do not require a credit check, they are different from Installment or Payday Loans in that they’re a “secured loan.” A secured loan means the borrower brings collateral to the transaction, something tangible to back up the loan amount they’re requesting. In the case of a title loan, a customer uses an automobile’s title (taking into consideration the value of the automobile) to secure the requested funds.

Know before you owe:

  • Title loans are typically offered in amounts ranging from $100-$25,000 depending on your state, the value of the automobile, and your ability to repay.
  • Approval is generally quick, as long as it takes to fill out the application and verify loan requirements. (In some cases, an on-site automobile inspection is required).
  • To use this loan option, a customer must own their car (free of liens), have valid insurance and possess the title.
  • Title loans can be eligible for interest-only payments and refinances.
  • While the automobile title will be held by the lender, you’ll still keep your car while paying back the loan.

Cash Central does not currently offer title loans online but in the interest of our customers and in our goal to provide lending solutions, we’ve partnered with licensed, trusted lenders* who do.

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